3 Feet High and Rising | debut album from De La Soul | March 3rd, 1989 | Tommy Boy Records | 25 years later, still got some ill posters and this album still GOES!

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LL Cool J, Master P, Foxy Brown & Lauryn Hill
Riding solo and I can’t be any more excited. Who’s going?!
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xjecx32 said: I checked out that Intuition & Equalibrum post and I have been bobbing my head to the entire album. I like the laid back beats

So glad to hear that! The album I posted is pure gold.

Intuition & Equalibrum »

Everyone give this a listen. Seriously my favorite album right now and these guys deserve all the recognition they can get.

the world is yours.
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Their concert is in like 3 weeks and I still don’t have a ticket. What the fuck I hate being brown.

Black Star